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HFA003 Grant

HFA003 Grant

Male survivalist/mercenary armed with big pistol, little pistol, a customised Mac10 and knuckle dusters. Approximately 31mm tall and armed to the teeth! One detail often missed is his combined mic/ear piece because it is so tiny. One of our paintslaves even chopped it off as they thought it was a flash line, needless to say we sent them another casting! There is an older wiser version of Grant as pack HFA064 Grant (b). One major problem when you decide to fight the lost souls in the darkness, sometimes you get caught. Grant ended up in the the wrong laboratory at the wrong time and his third variant is HFZ212 ... definitely not wise to argue with this one, you should try running instead, probalby quite fast!

Kev White

10.87 grams

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Price £3.34 +VAT 

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