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Short Mail Delay for a few Days

For the next few days mail will be slow, no more than a week though, back to normal before the 25th :)


No Mail Until July - SUMMER SALE IS ON!

Newsletter with the explanation AND SALE CODE! .... HERE

Edit: Extended until the 4th July!


Important Announcement!

Please read this...

While we have (mostly) caught up, things will still be slow for a while sorry. Please bear that in mind when ordering.

We are 'not' at full strength and we have things like the GDPR etc. to handle over the next 2 weeks.

As mentioned in the note I'll have to re-organise all the paperwork to find any leftover issues. We'll announcehere andon FB when we areback to our regular 48hr schedule.

Thanks for your patience :)


Bank Holiday News

For the non UK people, we just had a 4 day holiday weekend with no mail, not the best when combined with the below.

I've been a little under the weather, but should be back to normal in a couple of days (Attempting to work through it led to me sleeping 20hrs straight, so I am now banned from doing that).

Let's say Thursday to be safe :)

Also, please read the news below from the 11th April and use that email for any issues!


Away Code Extended!

We are going to be busy for at least this coming week, so orders are delayed a little further following our trade show.

The free gift code 'GIMMESTUFF2018' is therefore stil active until at least Friday 27th (If you ordered without it, we will include one anyway ;) ).

Apologies for the delays, we are trying to clear up post-show and pre-show issues before moving on :)



We are Back from Salute!

I spent yesterday in bed recovering, so today I am putting the unit back together and starting on email/sPMs and outstanding issues.

That should take all week really. Then this weekend we will start on the 'GimmeStuff' orders and then on Monday we should resume Normal Service.

Thank you for your patience :)  (ALso, please read below messages for info re emails, delays etc)


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