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I am away from the office until Friday 22nd.

Sorry everyone, had to sort something out for a few days, I will be back on Friday and will be working the weekend to catch up the missing time :)



We are closed for mail until November 15th!

While we are closed we are running our Halloween Promotion, newsletter HERE


Away until the Weekend!

Hi everyone, I'm away until the weekend, unavoidable I'm afraid. Will be back to answer emails and PMs etc then.



Important Reminder

If you aren't getting a reply from our domain e-mail, please forward to bwartemis at gmail dot com. Sometimes our Domain email's spam filter is overactive and eats people (I..e it blacklists you and we have to manually dig you out of the filter which is time consuming so doesn't happen as often as it should right now).

Hasslefree Miniatures

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