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Hey Everyone

Two quick updates.

1.You slammed us during the two sales, we're working through them as fast as we can. Hundreds of orders have gone to the PO, they could be going out for another week yet.

2. There as a slight issue with the metal Red Raine's. As such regular good bags will be the last to go out sorry (and any orders that just included her). Resin goody bags are going out.

Shouldn't be too long to sort both out, thanks for your patience :)



Off until Thursday 29th

Taking a quick 48hr break, won't beanswering any emails etc until Thursday. Back to normal then and will beworking the upcoming weekend too to make up for thes hort break in service!



Artemis Black Friday!

The HALLOWEEN2018 code from below is still active and there is a page full of bargains HERE!

Full details in our Newsletter.

Code and Black Friday active until the 27th!


 We are Closed 'For Mail' Until November 14th!

While we are closed, there is a Sale running, please find the details HERE

NOTE: Sale extended until 26th November!

20% Off and New Releases


Never Rains but it Pours!

Thatll be funnier in a sec.

So, we've had a flood. Not like a 'lose your home, move to a different country' flood, but it's still a flood so it's not great. There are some photos over on the FB page, they don't really represent the extent of the damage. Luckily the damage isn't to anything important because that's kept in plastic boxes but the water was enough to overwhelm even some of those. Someof the boxes aren't watertight and so we had boxes of stock and other things with a couple inches of water 'in'.

The most annoying thing was new leaks opened in the roof near where some back orders were stored. So they'll need to be resorted. Fun!


Hey Everyone

Apologies, Dameon has been sick for a short while, and our temp help is sunning it up in ... Poland, so maybe not 'sunning' it up.

Things back to normal from Monday 16th. Please remember, if you have an issue we are currently using not our domain address (which is experiencing a spam issue).

Thanks :)

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