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Away until the Weekend!

Hi everyone, I'm away until the weekend, unavoidable I'm afraid. Will be back to answer emails and PMs etc then.



Important Reminder

If you aren't getting a reply from our domain e-mail, please forward to bwartemis at gmail dot com. Sometimes our Domain email's spam filter is overactive and eats people (I..e it blacklists you and we have to manually dig you out of the filter which is time consuming so doesn't happen as often as it should right now).


We are away at Salute!

We'll be back next week and back to work likely on the 10th assuming nothing goes wrong :)


Closed for Christmas!

Only for 'new' orders. We're still working to clear any backlogged orders from the recent promotions. The Red Raine issues were sorted, which delayed goody bags and any orders that just included her. A new issue arose with 'Lord Ulthrak', also now resolved. Resin will be coming in until Saturday.

We're technically now closed until the 8th January, but due to the backlog I'll be available over the holidays to answer emails (Still using bwartemis at gmail dot com) etc.

Despatch emails are the last thing we'll do before Christmas as we have prioritised shipping, so if you get one on Saturday then your order may very well have shipped days ago (If you're in the UK, you may already have it!) :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Hey Everyone

Two quick updates.

1.You slammed us during the two sales, we're working through them as fast as we can. Hundreds of orders have gone to the PO, they could be going out for another week yet.

2. There as a slight issue with the metal Red Raine's. As such regular good bags will be the last to go out sorry (and any orders that just included her). Resin goody bags are going out.

Shouldn't be too long to sort both out, thanks for your patience :)



Off until Thursday 29th

Taking a quick 48hr break, won't beanswering any emails etc until Thursday. Back to normal then and will beworking the upcoming weekend too to make up for thes hort break in service!


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