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Service Delay Warning.

I'm afraid my condition is pretty bad at the moment, orders are going out but Communications and Issues will be slow, hopefully back to normal soon :)



We are open again after the Holiday break!

We will be doing out best to catch up with the Holiday orders, but that means we are likely going to be behind normal service for the rest of January. Please keep that in mind :)

Also, just in case it slides off the News page, please remember that our backup email for emergencies is BWARTEMIS at GMAIL dot COM.
Our admin email continues to be a little overzealous with the spam filtering sorry.



Closed for Christmas and New Year!

Hey everyone, we are now closed for the Holidays, and it's a longish break so I can give my condition a rest, we officially re-open on the 11th January but it'll likely take a few days of printing and sorting holiday orders before we can get to email enquiries etc.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays! :)



We are closed for mail for Halloween Break and Sale!

We will reopen on November the 15th (Probably, see the newsletter). We will catch up on orders taken during the break as soon as possible :)

Details on the Sale and other news items HERE



New Metal Releases, New Resin Masters & Kickstarter News!

Full Newsletter HERE

(Importantly, there is a delay with resin items at the moment, not too much, just an extra few days)

Also please remember (As I keep having to update as we only fit 5 news items on the front page) if you don't get an answer to the domain email you are using, it probably died in our overactive spamfilter, try our gmail at bwartemis at gmail dot com.


I am off work until Wednesday, nothing major, just a slight hiccup with my condition. Will be back to normal within a few days :)

Resin is still slightly delayed, but also should be back to normal by end of week (resin caster was off sick, it's that time of year it seems)


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