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HFH170 Raven Skyclad

HFH170 Raven Skyclad

Raven was once a promising young spellcaster, rising through her chosen guild in Evermore at a startling speed. What became of her in later life, we shall have to wait and see!

Seen here practising her magic skyclad.

We don't do many of our nudes in metal, it's mostly because it's almost impossible to hide mould lines with clever sculpting or fabris etc. So you will likely need to scrape* one or two off a nude, be warned :)

*yes, scrape. I tend to use a sharp scalpel and drag it along the mould line.

This is a metal miniature, resin image used temporarily

Kev White

15 grams

In stock

Price £5.00 +VAT 


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