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No newsletter this week sorry. We have released a new resin master of our 70s detective Frank Cisco but everythign else is happening in this coming week so the newsletter will have to wait.

Go have a nose at our Facebook Page to pass the time, always good stuff there ;)


There's no mail on MOnday 11th August but as the reason is 'We're celebrating Jenn's birthday' then we're also running a promo.

Spend £32 or more (before postage) from now until the end of Jenn's birthday and we will include a free Luna miniature with your order (Luna was based on Jenn).

Spend £132 or more (again before postage) and we'll upgrade it to a Resin Master!

More details on Facebook HERE or in our Newsletter HERE. You'll also find all the details of our new releases in the newsletter :)


Hey Everyone

Sorry for making you follow the news on that FB ticker over there. We'be been uber busy in preparations for a premises move. Yup, we've outgrown our current premises and need to move into a bigger one!

We'll endeavour to make sure this front page is abit more populated from now on.

Two quick pieces of important info. Firstly we've had an intermitten issue with our admin@ email address, especially concerning names with foreign accents like umlauts etc, it's being worked on and second is that there's be no mail sent out this Monday or Tuesday (4th & 5th) as we'll be in Wales checking out the new premises and other related things.


Thanks :)


Well the Spring Clean is over but we still aren't fully caught up.

If you are still awaiting your Sale order can you please double check you haven't inadvertantly ordered one of the pre-order minis? (A small handful of miniatures ran out during the sale and we added them as a short pre-order so people could take advantage of the sale while it was on) The minis currently affected are, of course, some of our best sellers. Lenore, Alicia and Veda Ann from the fantasy range and Deano, General Sinclair and Louise B from the modern range have all been affected. There are a few more but those cover 95% of any delayed orders.

Stock is on the way and we're expecting the first of it next week so the delays aren't long. Restocking in general will continue over the next couple of weeks.


Spring Clean Sale!

Newsletter HERE but the main gist is use the code 2014SPRINGCLEAN and get a whopping 20% discount applied to your order.

Sale runs until Wed 4th June and orders over £100, after discount, will also get a much celebrated Hasslefree Goodie Bag! :)


Hi There

Slight error made by me that has affected abotu 20 order or so, a mailbag wasn't taken to the post office (for a rather silly reason). It's been found and fixed but it means a number of UK orders were delayed enough to warrant some confusion/worry. Rest assured, it was just a touch of stupidity rather than any mail-related disaster :)

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