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Short Closure

Hey guys, we need to sort our lack of car issue out which will hopefully be resolved int he next 2 days, we'll be back Wednesday. It's a crappy time to happen as we have a few outstanding issues but without a car there's anot a lo we can do about them so we're fixing that first! :)

(We'll technically beback Tuesday evening so I'll be sorting any outstanding issues/emails then)



Hey Everyone.

We're in a bit of a pickle at the moment, we are carless. Long story (some of which is on our FB page) but it means we are behind our usual shipping times. It'll likely take us until Sunday until we are all caught up as we were already backedup due to the Christmas holidays. In that time we appreciate your patience, we'll be doing our best to get orders out the door as a first priority, emails and despatch notifications etc will be a second priority.

If by Sunday you have an outstanding order and no email about it then please feel free to contact us on info at hasslefreeminiatures dot co dot uk

Thanks :)


We're Back!

Yup, we open again today. We were hoping to get work done during the holidays but a sinus infection not only put paid to that but basically wiped me out from Boxing Day until.. well now. I'm still sick but not 'Rip off my own face to get at whatever the hell that is inside it' sick.

It'll take us the rest of the week to catch up the holiday orders, the first batch leave tomorrow and we will be shipping every day until we clear everything.

Hope everyone had a Happy Holidays? If you're waiting an answer to en email, those will be started on tonight .

We appreciate your pateince :)


Sorry Guys and Gals, my Boxing Day cold is apparently a crippling sinus infection and this message has taken me an hr to get around to doing.

I'm afraid I won't be working today, we'll see how I am tomorrow. Thankfully I had no plans for New Years so a shivering, doped up night under a blanket it is . Yay.


Holiday illness, yay!

Yup, I have succumbed to that yearly thing of 'Hey, you have a holiday, here's the worst cold of your life' :) I'm sick as a dog, I can feel every single one of my teeth and have used half a forest's worth of tissues so far.

I am managing to keep up with the 12 Days of Christmas on our FB page but haven't been to the unit once, fingers crossed for later this week!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

We have a Christmas Newsletter, with a drunkenly organised, last minute promotion :)

We've also had some reports of e-mails to the admin@ address not being answered, and I've found a couple of them in the spam folder, so at some point over the holidays I'll be diggin through that for anything resembling a real email. In the New Year we'll be changing all of our e-mails to try and make sure this doesn't happen (at least for another few years).

We'll open again on the 5th Jan. See you then! :)

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