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Right, that's it, we are away!

From now until the third week of October there will be no mail, none whatsoever.

'However' we are running a big October promotion while we're gone, read all about it HERE

Thanks :) See you in a couple of weeks!


48 Hour Countdown to get orders filled before we leave!

We are away in the States from the 1st Otober until the 19th October. No post will go out during this time.

More information HERE


First of two big restocks in, so if you were waiting for something, best to have a check if its back :)

Codes include Alyx, Kirsten, Laurie, Syr Olwyn, CLint, Beth, Mongrel, Delphine and both Teenage Gangs!

We also had sin some new flavour jerky over in the Gourmet Gaming Snacks section (under Artemis Black's). MMMM jerky.


It's that time again. Every couple of weeks I dig through the spam filter for emails that got clipped. So if you receive an answer from me this weekend that seems odd time-wise, then congrats, I found ya! :)

In the meantime we have had a big Red Box restock and a smaller HF restock. So lots of missing codes are back in. A huge HF restock is expected this coming week.




It has been reported to us that some people have received an email purporting to be from us that they have won some kind of voucher and asking to pay some kind of admin fee. That is a scam email, it has not come from us in any way. Please do not click on any of the links or give any information etc.

You can follow the discussion on the email HERE

We will also update any pertinent information here on the front of the site.


Holiday Weekend - Oops! :)

We kinda didn't notice that the weekend was a long holiday one when we took our day off, terrible timing!. We shall do our best to keep things ticking via sneaky Facebook updating and emailing but Post Offices are closed until Tuesday sorry.

In the meantime, check out the new Red Box sections (Ignore thelack of thumbnails, the listings themselves have images, we are working on the rest).

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