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Postal Delay

Postal delays for the next week or so (May also affect you if you ordered this past week). Staff shortage sorry, we should be back to normal by about the 18th or so :)

Also please read the bottom of this news page, do not email the admin address for the moment. It will be back as soon as I get time to fix it but for now it's still the gmail one.


Office is closed Friday the 12th.

We are open the weekend startying the 13th though so we'll get back to you then :)

Edit: That didn't go to plan, I got sick on the weekend and it's spread. Our help has it too so we're a little behind. I feel better today (Tue 16th) but still not great, we'll work through it but except some 'ugh' style responses sorry.


We Re-Open the 7th of January!

We'll be back with the Sunday Newsletter. We are 'sort of' working over the holidays, and a number of you will have received email answers or despatch notifications etc, but technically we don't re-open until the 7th :)

All orders until then will get a Christmas present in their order!


Last Post Out before Christmas!

Some peopel may be surprised by order showing up as we've been so busy  that I've been fixing any leftover isues from my surgery in between kickstarter fulfillment and regular orders and just havenjt' had a chance to send individual emails or even send despatch notifcations! You may be surprised by an email saying yor order has just been shipped when you're already painting it :)

Sorry about that, priorities and all that! I'll be fixing the admin side of things over the holidays at a more lesiurely pace.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Postal Delay Warning!

Between the last 6 weeks being the busiest we have 'ever' been, bad weather delaying some mail and flights out of the UK 'and' the fact we're fulfilling our Kickstarter right now, mail is delayed. Our local post office isn' exactly equipped for such thing' and it would lose just as much time to take them to larger post offices we don' have drop off arrangements with and have someonenstand there etc.

Everyone is doing their best and parcels are going out as fast as possible. We appreciate your patience :)

Please also read announcement below about email.

(Oh, and I also haven't had time to send despatch emails in about a week, so lots of you will get your despctaach email days after you received your order :) )


Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

Also if you are missing an order or have a problem then please read the Newsletter too! Important Info in there!

(Especially our emergency email of bwartemis at gmail dot com - do NOT email the domain name email at the moment)

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