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Good News!

Finally, no tales of doom and gloom :) No more tests for me, I'm also feeling a little better so am back on full catch up mode. Our local Post Office is fully manned again so no delays on post either. Someone touch a large block of wood! (Get off my head!)

Most of you probably haven't even noticed a problem to be fair, it's only unusual or problem orders that have seen a significant delay so if everything went through fine you're likely reading this and wondering what we're on about :D



More News!

Perfect timing, now that the mail as caught up I am back in hospital with my throat. Don't worry, nothing life thratening, just tests and rest.  Jenn is handling orders but emails/problems/the fb page etc are going to be slow for a couple of weeks. If you do have any issues with your order, please don't worry, we 'will' get back to you as soon as I am fit and back and catching up :)

Sorry about that!



Mail Issues Cleared Up!

This week the Post Office is back to being fully manned and our mailing delays should be over. If you haven't received your despatch notifications by end of Monday (or an email explaining why) then please let us know on admin at hfminis dot co dot uk.

We thank you for your patience over the last 2 weeks, the combination of a busy birthday weekend and the Post Office delays have been a bit taxing :) Back to normal service from this week!



Important News Regarding Recent Orders!

Our local Post Office is shortmanned at the moment and we only just found out about it. For example some of the orders we droppd off last week were still there on Monday. Not a great deal we can do about it sorry, other than ask for your patience. We can't just rock up at a new PO, that we don't have a deal with, with huge bags of commercial mail, they tend to get grumpy :)

It just means mail is a couple of days behind after it's left us, they'll catch back up shortly.

We appreciate your patience :)



Jenn's run away to the circus!

Well, close enough. She's performing at a show all weekend so no new releases and very little work will be done as I do my husbandly duty and attend :)

Keep your eye on our FB page though for big news on Sunday!


Huge Newsleters went out in the past week or so, this one and this one

Lots of new releases and some big opportunities for all of our foreign fans. Have a read!

On the down side the increased attention from Brexit and the July 4th offer has us a little behindo n orders only a day or two though!

And if your order contains a resin, especially a Dynamic Boudi Skyclad, we would very much apreciate your patience. We had a small mishap that has affected a couple of figures, we're fixing it though! (We will try to contact you personally but if not then rest assured it'sjust a short delay).

And lastly, for all of you wondering where some of our Oldhammer style miniatures have gone, like the Twisted Tales dwarves, then we made a deal with a friend who has taken them on and greatly expanded them. They are currently running a Kickstarter right HERE, go check it out!

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