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We're back in the office and working through the Salute orders. However with Easter weekend it'll mean a further 2 day delay in post as everythign shuts down for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Anyone who made an order over the Salute period will receive a freebie, if you used the code given below then you've chosen it, if not then we will try to match  a freebie to your order for you :)


Final pre-Salute newsletter - CLICK HERE


Right everyone. As of today we are 'slammed' with Salute prep. Orders coming in for the next two days stand a very good chance of making out it before we leave, orders after that stand very little chance of making it out until we come back.

Jenn and I are off back to Wales on Wednesday 9th so the office will be closed until Tuesday 15th.

For those of you who can't make the awesomeness that is Salute then, as every year, we have a little extra for you. Use the code 'GIMMESTUFF' on the last page and pick from a number of free gifts to add to your order to help make up for the delay.

The code is active 'now' and ends on the 16th.
(Anyone who ordered in the last few hours will get a random freebie just because we're nice)

New releases 'are' added to the site now, photographs to follow during the day but you can jump straight there with this link -


3 Newsletters have appeared in the last fortnight! (If you aren't getting them, the sign up is over there on your right :) ) And we draw ever closer to Salute.

Our Salute collection code is now active, it's 'SALUTE2014', and it will change your order to 'collection only' status and allow you to pick a free gift. On top of that, any Salute pre-orders of £50, £10 and so on in multiples of £50 will get increasing amounts of extra free gifts included for saving us the time of picking a large order on the day :)

New Metal Releases since our last update...

Lenore, The Enchantress of Evermore.
The Hogman of He'darr.
Bilebelly and the Knife Ridge Orcs.

There's also New Resin Masters of ...

Misha & Layla, harem concubines.
Wolf, Nomad Barbarian
Lord Ulthrak, worshipper of the Dark Gods
Major Stephanie, retro-themed Adventurer
Isseki (b), out-of-time Cop
The Dread Pirate K'lok, Tiny Green Scourge of the Seas
Kieran in Powered Armour, newest member of the 'Whiiiits iiiin Spaaaace'
Yevrah, Dark Dwarven Lord.


WHEW....manic month!
Trying to juggle Kevs trip to Chicago (Adepticon) plus the HF family trip to Texas (Reapercon) PLUS stuck in the middle of both of these is 'Salute' in London.
Kev is going to be teaching sculpting classes at both of the USA events PLUS also an extra pitstop in Colorado.  Make sure you keep an eye out for the next newsletter with all of the important info on for pre-ordering to make sure you dont miss out on the new releases

**takes a deep breath**



Just a note to let all customers know that our automated email system is down for a few days. This means that you will not receive a 'Thanks for Registering' or a 'Thanks for your Order' email. We willbe trying o let you know manually that your order was received etc. but it is quite difficult so we would very much appreciate your patience for the next couple of days :)

All other functions are working fine, you order will go through the system as normal etc and despatch emails are manually sent so you'll still get those.

Thanks :)

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