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Please bear with us for the last week, the combo of my throat condition laying me up a lot of the time and being distracted by Brexit and it's financial implications have combined to make us behind on some duties, especiall email and despatch notifications etc.

Everythign is under control, we're back on it and there are a number of new releases on the site with a new newsletter on the way.  Jenn is piling orders out the door and I will be catching up with emails etc over the next couple of days.

Anyone who's order was delayed more than a couple of days, as per our usual policy, will find a little apology in their bag/box :)



Okay, running everything on my own is taking a little bit of a toll on some parts. Orders are being prioiritised, we may still be behind in emails until Jenn gets back on Friday. Your patience is appreciated :)


Waiting for an Email answer?

We're a little behind as Jenn is off to a reunion and I'm helping prep,  it means I will be wifeless for a few days though and despite considering the cocaine and hookers approach to my freedom i will instead be using the extra time to catch up on all outstaning issues including any emails from thepast couple days :)



Hey Guys!

We are back in full flow. We have just sent a huge batch of despatch notifications fr orders sent throughout the last week. For some of you, especially if you're in the uk, you will receive the order before the notification :) Don't worry if your order hasn't arrived in the usual time from us, we dumped a 'lot' of orders on our little village Post Office this week and they are doing their best. Always happens after a closure of some kind.

As for getting on with things, there is a new newsletter HERE. If you like it you can sign up for it over on the right there somewhere :)

Thanks Everyone!



We're away at Salute!

No orders will ship until we're back, we'll also be beind on emails etc.

Our final pre-show newsletter is HERE, don't be skipping it as there is a discount code in it! :)


Happy Easter!

As usual with such holidays, the UK mostly shuts down :D So there's no mail from between Thursday and Tuesday. All Easter weekend orders will therefore go off starting on Tuesday 29th!

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