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Might be an odd thing to smile about but I have now lost track of the people who don't know, so it's a bit of gallows humour.

We know some orders are late, we are catching up quite quickly now the drugs have kicked in. Some people will get their orders before their despatch notifications (which are manual). We should be all caught up this week.

Jenn has been down for almost two weeks and me over a week, it has trashed our schedule. It's just temporary though and we are back on track, as mentioned, now. Our apologies if you haven't got a reply to an email during this time, i will be going back through them and replying regardless of whether you have already received your order :)



So, in a turn of events that should surprise nobody, I now also have the flu. We're working through the backlog though, just a lil slower and more miserably :)

Bear with us!


Kickstarter is Live!

Our Kickstarter is finally Live! :) You can find it and all information HERE

We are still working through the pile of pre-orders, we are still a little slower than usual due to the backlog andillness but we 'are' on it :)

(Any pre-orders delayed by more than a week will also receive a small apology in with your order)



Pre-Orders / Restocks are in!

We've just reived boxes from both of our casters, which we are checking and should contain all pre-order items. We are a bit slow, Jenn has the flu (the full on flu not the manflu) and I'm stuck to a computer for our Kickstarter which starts Sunday, but we are sorting it as fast as we can.

Orders start going out again on Tuesday, if you have a pre-order with us and haven't received a despatch notification by Thursday please email us.



Good News!

Finally, no tales of doom and gloom :) No more tests for me, I'm also feeling a little better so am back on full catch up mode. Our local Post Office is fully manned again so no delays on post either. Someone touch a large block of wood! (Get off my head!)

Most of you probably haven't even noticed a problem to be fair, it's only unusual or problem orders that have seen a significant delay so if everything went through fine you're likely reading this and wondering what we're on about :D



More News!

Perfect timing, now that the mail as caught up I am back in hospital with my throat. Don't worry, nothing life thratening, just tests and rest.  Jenn is handling orders but emails/problems/the fb page etc are going to be slow for a couple of weeks. If you do have any issues with your order, please don't worry, we 'will' get back to you as soon as I am fit and back and catching up :)

Sorry about that!


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