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Hey Everyone

The internet is down here, engineer coming on Friday. We can still access orders etc. (Using my phone as a router) but it does make things a little more difficult, especially for updating our Facebook page and the like.

Service is normal other than that :)



Just to add to our woes, Jenn is down with the adenovirus that's sweeping Wales.

Normal orders are going out fine, back orders andissues are going out slowly (with approporiate freebies for the delay).

We'll handle it :)


Just a quick ntoe to let everyone know that Dameon's nerve pain/damage is still affectinghim and we are currently 'very' slow in answering emails etc. Facebook messages are quicker if you have to contact us for something important.

We ask for your patience during this period, there's not a great deal we can do until Dameon gets another surgery. Orders are being handled just fine though, including restocks and the first releases of 2017 (new resins) will be next week!


Back from Holidays!

It'll take us all week probably to catch up with the holiday orders but we are open for business again! :)


We're Closed for Mail!

Anything ordered between now and the 9th January when we re-open the office is not guaranteed to be posted until then. Some mail will almost certainly go out as there's no way I can last that long without working but we have to put this here to avoid complaints :D

Happy Holidays everyone, we'll be back for a Christmas Announcement shortly.



Dameon/Artemis is in for minor surgery (nothing life threatening, don't worry). Emails, PM's etc will resume in a couple of days.

Missing orders are till being dealt with, huge bags have gone to the PO already as Jenn is on top of those :)

Slight Edit as of the 8th - Dameon went back in for an emergency follow up, nothing major but he's in pain and on medication, may take an extra day or two.

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