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Salute Week!

Hey guys, it's Salute week this week (A huge trade show in London), which means we'll be leaving for a few days for the show. We've also added stock to our resin items to make sure you can order while we are aaway, but this means there may be a slight delay on resin. If you're in a rush for something please write it in the comments so we can advise you. Otherwie any orders delayed by Salute will get a freebie included :D


Salute Prep

Hey guys, it's Salute prep week so we'll be insanely busy until the end of the month. Orders are still going through fine but manual things like despatch notifications, answering emails etc, may take alittle longer than usual. We appreciate your patience :)


Normal Service Resumed

Thanks for the patience everyone, we're both hearty and hale again :)


Slight Delays

You may experience some slight delays in, well everything, this week. I got sick over Easter weekend and of course Jenn followed a coupe of days later.

We're on it though :)


Easter Postage

There's no post on Good Friday (3rd) through Easter Monday (6th). Please bear that in mind if ordering between those dates. All orders wil be shipped Tuesday as normal :)


We're Back!

Hey everyone, thanks for sticking with us through the website maintenance. Lots of new things hapening here at Hasslefree, including a huge bunch of new releases.

The easiest way to show you them all is pointyou to our latest newsletter HERE :)

More to come!

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