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Bank Holiday News

For the non UK people, we just had a 4 day holiday weekend with no mail, not the best when combined with the below.

I've been a little under the weather, but should be back to normal in a couple of days (Attempting to work through it led to me sleeping 20hrs straight, so I am now banned from doing that).

Let's say Thursday to be safe :)

Also, please read the news below from the 11th April and use that email for any issues!


Away Code Extended!

We are going to be busy for at least this coming week, so orders are delayed a little further following our trade show.

The free gift code 'GIMMESTUFF2018' is therefore stil active until at least Friday 27th (If you ordered without it, we will include one anyway ;) ).

Apologies for the delays, we are trying to clear up post-show and pre-show issues before moving on :)



We are Back from Salute!

I spent yesterday in bed recovering, so today I am putting the unit back together and starting on email/sPMs and outstanding issues.

That should take all week really. Then this weekend we will start on the 'GimmeStuff' orders and then on Monday we should resume Normal Service.

Thank you for your patience :)  (ALso, please read below messages for info re emails, delays etc)




We are Away at Salute. There is currently nobody at the office. Full explanation HERE.

Unrelated to Salute, pleaserememebrthat if you need us, use the email BWARTEMIS at GMAIL dot COM, not the domain name emails.

Please read this :)



Drop & Go Fixed!

Mail is now leaving again :)

Mail Delay

*sigh* At this point even 'I' am worried the dog actually hate my homework.
Our Drop & Go account is down. Or the whole Drop & Go system is down. The reason I don't know which one is that there is 'no' phone help service for it.
I have tried every option on the Post Office helpline, got through to 4 different people,none ofwhom have any clue how to help with a Drop & Go issue and the best they could do was either forward my call to someone else who also didn't know or... send me back to the menu.
In case you're wondering why I'm even wibbling about this, itmeans 'all' the mail we've sent for days is just piling up at the Post Office, the only alternative to the Drop and Go is I literally stand there all day while they post things.
If it's not fixed tomorrow I am probably going to end up on Youtube as the shouting customer service phone call guy.
I shall keep people informed here and on the facebook page.

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