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Gourmet Gaming Snacks!

Spice up your gaming sessions with some jerky, fruit leathers or boozy marzipans! All right HERE.


Back to Normalish

We should *touch wood* be back to normal service :)


Slight Extra Delay

Hi There. Sorry about this butjust before we were done catching up with the Salute backlog I have cracked a toooth and am off for emergency dental surgery.

New date for full catch up and regular service is Wednesday. I'll update then to celebrate ;)


We're Back!

Hey guys, Salute is over for another year and we're back at work. And 'wow' you guys loved that free gift code! :)

It's going to take us at least the rest of the week to catch up with the orders, so if your order is missing a despatch notification then give us until the weekend before giving us a nudge to find out as it might just be stuck in the big queue. I'll spend the weekend e-mailing anyone where there was an issue with your order,

Thanks everyone :D


We're at Salute!

Salute pre-order code is over, please don't try and pre-order for Salute or we'll be forced to hunt you down :)

New code though for anyone not going to the show 'GIMMESTUFF'. No more mail until Tuesday!


Salute Week!

Hey guys, it's Salute week this week (A huge trade show in London), which means we'll be leaving for a few days for the show. We've also added stock to our resin items to make sure you can order while we are aaway, but this means there may be a slight delay on resin. If you're in a rush for something please write it in the comments so we can advise you. Otherwie any orders delayed by Salute will get a freebie included :D

Hasslefree Miniatures

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