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Holiday Weekend - Oops! :)

We kinda didn't notice that the weekend was a long holiday one when we took our day off, terrible timing!. We shall do our best to keep things ticking via sneaky Facebook updating and emailing but Post Offices are closed until Tuesday sorry.

In the meantime, check out the new Red Box sections (Ignore thelack of thumbnails, the listings themselves have images, we are working on the rest).


Day Off.

We're taking the day off today, all orders have been set up until yesterday close of business and we'll be back tomorrow so no gap in service other than our FB page and emails may go unanswered for a day (Depending on whether I check my phone for work when I shouldn't be ;) ).


New Resin Masters!

Ulfred the viking, and Haleths' partner, has appeared in the Fantasy section.  As has Yllsa's partner Jakevim (nsfw!) and in the Sci-Fi section you'll find Mystic Warrior Panda. Don't ask.


Slight email delays this weekend, I'm afraid wehad a pet death in the family.

I shall endeavour to post notices here that aren't just notifications of any delays :) It's all looking a bit gloomy!


Slight postal delays this week, a content-heavy newsletter followed by a day off for Jenn's birthday meant we overloaded our poor little village post office (Who do sterling work).

This will only really affect UK orders who may be wondering where their orders are after having received a despatch notification. Never fear, they are safe and sound, just moving a little slower through the bottleneck we created at the PO *blush*


No Post today, it's Jenn's birthday so we are having a rare day off :)  (This may also affect post from yesterday that didn't make it to the Post Office).

Normal service resumes tomorrow afternoon :)

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