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Most major cosmetic changes have now been made, there are some minor touchups still left,  please let us know if you notice anything wrong during your perusal of our site :)

No sales or payment parts of the website have ben touched so everything should continue to work as smoothly as usual there.

Thanks for the patience :)


Hey Everyone. You'll notice a few cosmetic change to the menu above and the drop downs etc. We're in the process of a small overhaul of the website and you may need a little patience over the next couple of days.

For example, while we have made it a little easier to go directly to the category of miniatures you are interested in, we haven't yet split out the catgeories like 'resin masters' that have fantasy, modern and sci-fi minis in. We'l be doing that shortly but for now we appreciate your patience :)


admin@ email address.

We're having the same intermittent issue with this address, if you've sent an email to this address and haven't received a reply by end of day Monday 12th, then please forward or resend to the dameon@ address. Thanks :)


We're open again! Yay :)

We've been working hard to clear the backog of Christmas orders. As usual when we get a backlog becaue of aholiday and such we prioritise orders first, which means some of you gusy will get your despatch emails a day or two after we've already sent the order out. For those in the Uk that means you may even get the email afterthe order itself :)

There are a couple of delays in play still. My arm is slowing us down but that's minor. We had a sad loss in the idustry over the holidays. Stewart Griffin, of Griffin Moulds, passed away suddenly. This will obviously delay metal restocks and will slow down and 'preo order' items. Griffin moulds are continuing though so it is just a delay. One of our resin casters is also off work, so the same thing applies to resin as well I'm afraid. It seems January will be a bit of a snail mail month. We'll do our best to work through it though and anyone who's order is greatly affected will be compensated as usual by us :)

Thanks everyone in advance for the patience, we always appreciate your suport :)


Happy New Year Everyone!

We were planning on being open more during the holidays but my arm injury has slowed that down considerably. We'r eopen 'properly' as usual on the 6th January and hopefuly I'll be a little better :)

The goodie bag offer ends tonight but the Christmas minis wil be available until around a week after we reopen.

Thanks guys :)


Hey Guys.

We're in Wales, however we currently are buried under orders, thanks to the tail end of black friday and the new christmas promotions etc it's all we can do each day to pick and pack orders, especially as every 5th one seems to want something odd, like an old Twilight mini or some acrylic rods, we haven't fully unpacked yet. We are working through them, plenty have already gone out, so if you're worried you haven't received a despatch notification then fear not, those are manual and we're so buried in orders we havent ha dthe time to sit down and click through a few hundred email notifications. We will do though :)

If anyone is worried about Christmas, please email us and we can double check for you. Otherwise, we thank you for your patience.

(We were hoping to get the despatch emails out yesterday but the elbow injury is slowing down my particpation mightily, sorry about that).


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